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Have you ever eaten a great meal that tasted good, was full of healthy things and still, after eating, you didn’t feel quite right?

Chances are you've just eaten something that your immune system has taken offence to.

A lot of people notice when they eat commercial foods they just don't feel well. 

It is certainly obvious that commercial foods contain a lot of additives not found in nature, and in an attempt to feel better, many...

Clearing away old nonproductive, retired, inflammatory senescent cells from the body is an important part of a staying young healthy and vital.

Senescent cells are cells that can no longer divide but also no longer perform the functions that they were intended for. They also exude inflammatory compounds which damage surrounding cells. Since they take up space, but don’t do anything but create problems, get in the way of our bod...

How can one of the most popular, most prescribed, most profitable drugs ever in the world be tied to dementia, low energy, digestive problems, and even complicating the organ it was meant to protect - the heart?

Tens of millions of people are taking statins to lower their cholesterol thinking it's the cholesterol causing the problems with their heart and arteries.

Now researchers are coming to understand that the whole cholester...

Do we really need another reason to eat greens?

Depends if you want to optimize your brain.

Lutein and zeaxanthin found in leafy greens may counter cognitive aging.

In other words, the more leafy-green foods we eat the more of these fat loving nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin migrate to our brain and protects our sensitive brain against inflammation and degeneration.

A study from the University of Illinois which included 60 adults...

If you thought you had only one brain and it was the one you were born with, get ready for a mind bender. Neuroscientists, are now saying we can grow new brain cells at any age. They say we can create new nerves that perform better, improve our moods, improve our memory and brain speed even as we get older.

So let's take a moment and really appreciate what this means. We can literally regrow our brain. Let's get our heads wra...

If you've ever been in relationship, you may have found that quality communication is a Hallmark to success. 

Sometimes it's not what is being said but how it said and at what volume it is being said that makes all the difference to successful interactions.

Why that matters to our health, is the same can be said for the way our cells communicate.

Most of the communication that happens in our brain and throughout our body happens...

What does it really take to extend your life AND the quality of the life you live?

First, we get to realize the good old fashion tenets of good health, though boring, are where to start.  Sure, it is exciting to explore some of sciences newest finding on mTOR, Growth Factors, CRISPR technology, and new apoptotic supplements, all of which will get new articles soon, BUT our good health starts with the basics – so here we go!...

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