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Full Body Scan by MenlaScan

The Full Body Scan by MenlaScan is a unique experience that gives an in-depth view into the innermost workings of our body.

This Full Body Scan uses several advanced Bio-Technologies fully tested by western science that gives accurate data as to how virtually all your bodies systems are working.

Gain insights into your:

1) Brain and nervous system

2) All your internal organic and glands

3) Cardio Vascular system including your biological age, heart health, vascular health, arrhythmias, stroke volume left ventricle health, and more.

4) The resistance of the blood flowing through your capillaries and large blood vessels.

5) Your body's muscles, visceral and other fats, water metabolism, and cellular energy.

6) The condition of your spine with a map of where there are developing issues.

7) The balance of your Autonomic Nervous System and how your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system is firing and the balance of your neurotransmitters.

8) See the level of inflammation and your cholesterol scores.

9) Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, or inflamed arteries.

10) Liver status.

11) Thyroid, brain neurotransmitters including Serotonin, Dopamine, Gaba, and the important

Acety-Choline for memory.

12) See how your lymph system is flowing and the conduction of your nerves from your spine to the organs and glands.

13) Get your Leptin and Cortisol Levels.

14) Important free radical exposure and antioxidant levels.

15) Blood flow to all your organs and glands and the energy production of your organs and glands.


This is overall, the most comprehensive package of information about vital body functions you can get anywhere.

I travel throughout southeast Florida and over to the Tampa area so, if you are interested in an appointment, give me a call at 561-790-6350 or send an email at, and I will be happy let you know where I go and when I will be there to perform your scan and let you know what you can do to live the quality health and vitality we all desire.

This equipment is amazing and everyone left wondering how it can be so accurate and so extensive in it's information.

Here is a 6min video describing in more detail what is involved in your scan.

If you are from an facility and would like me to offer these services to your clients, I am happy to talk with you about how to facilitate that for you.

Notice this video is for Peggy's Natural Foods.  I do go to many facilities and can edit a video with your video with you contact information also.

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