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Killing Old Lazy Cells Keeps You Young

Clearing away old nonproductive, retired, inflammatory senescent cells from the body is an important part of a staying young healthy and vital.

Senescent cells are cells that can no longer divide but also no longer perform the functions that they were intended for. They also exude inflammatory compounds which damage surrounding cells. Since they take up space, but don’t do anything but create problems, get in the way of our bodies repair and regenerate functions.

Imagine cranky old cells that refuse to divide nor die, stink to high heaven and create an environment around them that is not only inhospitable to other cells, but the secretions actually damage the neighbors and ruin the neighborhood. Our bodies need to get them out, but they refuse to go…..

Recently a group of scientists developed a polypeptide that was able to trigger the death of these cranky senescent non-working cells and that increased the lifespan of a group of mice by 20%.

Their skin got better, their hair got better, their kidney function got better, their exercise programs got better and they could remember better. All by removing these non-working cells that clog up the works and pollutes the inner environment and creates inflammation.

There is a disease called progeria and it's a disease of accelerated aging and is a result of a gene mutation that promotes the accumulation of these senescent cells in young people so they age rapidly and usually die before the age of 15. Their diseases are those of old people. They look old, feel old and are biochemically old. all because they make an excess of these cranky, senescent cells that muck up the works.

And these cranky old timer, do nothing cells don’t just hang out all in one area either. They congregate all over the place. In the brain, skin, arteries, liver kidneys and the list goes on. And remember, they block the proper function where ever they go and create inflammation to boot.

Senescent cells are an issue that truly creates old age much faster than needed and depending on a number of factors including diet and exercise, tend accumulate as we age. The fewer we can have the better everything is going to be.

Western medicine is looking for Fountain of Youth through drugs that will cost a fortune so they can make tons of money.

Fortunately we already have a number of supplement and lifestyle options available right now that don't cost a fortune that we can use to help our body get rid of these non-working , lazy, senescent cells so we can stay younger, stronger, smarter and have more fun for our longer lives.

So in effect, rather than sitting around doing nothing but causing problems, these lazy old senescence cells takes their natural next step and die. Just like they are supposed to and gives our bodies a better option to continue the rebuilding and repair we need to say fit and healthy.

So now that you know about senescence what can we do?

Let's look at some high-power supplements that help reduce inflammation and kill senescent cells.

The list is long, but here are the power players: Quercetin, EGCG from green tea, Tocotrienols which is a vital part of the vitamin E family, resveratrol and curcumin.

Quercetin which is a bioflavonoid in the vitamin C family has been long studied for killing senescent cells and does a great job of creating apoptosis to start the process of cellular death.

A great place to start with Quercetin would be in the 500-800 mg a day for two to three months and then a reduction to 150 mg or so a day after that for Tocotrienols you could use 150 mg a day for the first 3 months in reducing that to 75 to 100 mg a day after that. EGCG from green tea extract about 750 MG to start and drop to 500mg after a few months. Resveratrol at 200mgper day and Curcumin 500mg. Remember that not all Curcumin is the same. It’s a great nutrient but is terribly absorbed. Make sure you get a highly bioavailable version of curcumin to get the best results.

This along with a great exercise program which opens up blood flow to tissue and allows nutrients to be delivered and toxins to be escorted away is vital to the process. You can eat all the great food and take a really well-tailored supplement program, but if your circulation system cannot deliver the nutrients, we still have a problem.

As you might have guessed as we are reducing the inflammation and killing senescent cells we are also activating very similar pathways that keep us healthy from cancers. This process of keeping as young healthy energetic focused and clear through killing senescent cells also helps keep us clear of cancer cells.

It's a double-edged sword that benefits us in all ways and helps us winning at the game of life.

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