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It's about How We Communicate

If you've ever been in relationship, you may have found that quality communication is a Hallmark to success.

Sometimes it's not what is being said but how it said and at what volume it is being said that makes all the difference to successful interactions.

Why that matters to our health, is the same can be said for the way our cells communicate.

Most of the communication that happens in our brain and throughout our body happens between receptor sites and a protein that sits on the receptor site. It is a wonderful duo between a lock and a specially made key with a particular shape that opens the door for specialized talk between our bodies systems.

These special communication proteins are the way cells and neurons are able to hear what the rest of the body wants the cell to do. When there is a message to be sent, little proteins get released and they find their special place to dock and a message is delivered. The more communication proteins that sit on docking stations, the louder the message.

Just like communication between people, you cannot speak to softly and expect the message to be heard and if you speak to loudly or you may get an exaggerated response you don’t want.

Have you ever been in a loud room and trying to have a conversation with someone and there's a lot of background noise? The only way to hear what the other person is saying is for the other person to speak loudly so that you can differentiate between the background noise and what your friend is trying to tell you.

The same thing happens in our body if we are under a lot of stress and there's a lot going on, there will be a lot of massagers out there sending a lot of messages which translates into body talk as loud. Short term there is no big deal, but if there is relentless stress, the overabundance of massagers and the volume of the messages, inundates the receivers and the receivers will often shut down to protect the body from to much influence.

Our body has a set level of communication it is comfortable with and if the communication is to loud for too long, it turns down the volume automatically for self-protection and we start to feel unbalanced.

If we are living a life that is slow, contemplative and peaceful, with less background noise then our signalers can signal at a lower level and our bodies will hear just fine. Everything will operate with greater efficiency and our bodies will tend to remain in balance.

If we are given medications that energize a pathway at a healthy volume, the great. If there are problems with the prescription and too much is given, it will inundate or overpower the receptors and we won’t get the response we hoped for.

Have you ever gone to a concert that was very loud and after the concert your ears felt less sensitive or had ringing? If so, that was a time where the influence overstimulated the receptors and the signal to the brain was reduced.

Hormone supplementation works in a very similar way.

There is a type of hormone replacement therapy called HRT that comes from synthetic compounds or from animals. They are close enough to human hormones to activate the receptor site, but with a big difference…..They are very powerful and tend to over excite receptors.

From a simplistic standpoint if you can imagine many of the hormones given to women come from horses and horses can weigh about thousand pounds.

In order to keep a thousand pound animal weighing 1000 pounds those hormones speak very loudly and work well in horses.

However if you take a hundred thirty pound woman and give her a thousand pound hormone that thousand-pound hormone is going to activate the receptor sites at a level far beyond what is normal and healthy. In this case, all the estrogen receptors will activate far too much and the message to the body will be grow grow grow and that is what happens to many women on these non-human hormones. Tissue tends to grow out of balance.

If the thyroid isn’t making enough thyroid hormone, then the metabolism that is activated by the thyroid hormone will be low since there aren’t many messengers telling the cells to do what they are supposed to do.

The brain may be slow, the temperature may be low, muscles may feel weak and the whole body may feel tired. If you go to the doctor and they prescribe thyroid replacement and they do well, then the right amount of communication for metabolism happens and your feel great again.

If they over medicate, then all the bodies functions start to ramp up faster than they should and you may feel anxious, with your heart beating too fast and there may be arrhythmias until the medication is reduced and the thyroid levels normalize, cell receptors normalize and the body’s metabolism settles into what is natural for the body.

As you can imagine when a woman goes through menopause, her body changes quite a bit. As her hormones lower, receptor sites are activated less and everything the hormones activate, slows. That means her body will not work at the same level as it did when she had adequate receptor site activation. Without hormones metabolism

tends to sink, tissue tends to thin and may dry and over time, and the brain tends to suffer and moods may change.

It is imperative that we have good communication in life and with in our bodies. We get to use an appropriate volume when talking to other humans and inside our body; our systems get to communicate at an appropriate volume so all the cells receive the appropriate messages for what to do. This is imperative for healthy metabolism, vitality and regeneration. It is the only way our bodies can truly operate in balance.

For a healthy balanced life, we get to have good communication with the appropriate signalers and good receptor sites. In order to maintain that balance, we get to live in balance.

When we live in balance with our food, stress, environment and relationships, our communication tends maintain balance both on the inside and the outside.

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